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Kabhi B - Bakery & Patisserie Our Company is backed up with a robust and technically qualified front and back office management personnel ready to take up any challenge and provide prompt solutions to our customers.

Our Achievements & Awards

We dedicate to our loyal customers and hardworking employees.

Image 1
Top 100 SMEs of India April 2016
Image 2
“Best Regional Bakery & Confectionery Chain of the year (West)" by The Indian Restaurant Awards August 2016
 Image 3
“Global Marketing Excellence” in FMCG (food) category November 2016
Image 4
India 5000 Best MSME Award for “Quality Excellence” December 2016
Image 5
India 5000 Best MSME Award for “Quality Excellence” December 2016
Image 7
Times Food Award 2017 for “Best Vegetarian Bakery” February 2017
Image 8
Rising Leadership Award for “The Most Promising FMCG Food Brand Manufacturer (Gujarat)” July 2017
Image 9
Best MSME Entrepreneur by Government of Gujarat August 2017
Image 10
Small and Emerging Business Awards for “Food and Beverages Business Of the Year 2017” September 2017
Image 11
“Best Bakery Chain Across Gujarat” by MY FM - Ahmedabad Entrepreneur & Excellence Awards October 2017
Image 12
Gujarat Best Brands Award for "Brand Excellence in Retail Sector” October 2017
Image 13
“Bakery of the Year 2018 - Gujarat” by Indian Restaurant Owners June 2018
Image 14
“Best FMCG Food Brand Manufacturer (Gujarat)” by National Icon Awards July 2018
Image 15
“Bakery Retail Excellence Award of the Year” By Assocham September 2018
Image 16
“Excellence in Innovative Bakery Products” By 94.3 MyFM January 2019
Image 17
Times Food Award 2019 for “Best Cake Shop“ February 2019
Image 18
Times of India Award 2019 for “Iconic Bakery and Confectionery“ October 2019
Image 20
Times Food Award 2020 for “Best Vegetarian Shop“ March 2020
Image 21
India News (Gujarat) Entrepreneur Award 2020 for “Best Retail Cake Brand“ August 2020
Image 22
SiliconIndia Award 2020 for “10 Most Promising Food Confectionery Companies“ December 2020
Image 23
Time Hospitality Icons Award 2020 for “Iconic Bakery“ December 2020
Image 24
Times Food & Nightlife Award 2021 for “Eggless Bakery“ January 2021
Image 25
Times Hospitality Icons Award 2022 for “Iconic Bakery“ January 2022
Image 26
Times Food Award 2022 for “Best Bakery & Confectionery - Casual Dining“ March 2022